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Come pick Blackberries and Raspberries!

(Strawberry season is finished for this year)

Call the Berry Line: 540-456-4772
(Get the latest picking conditions and Farm updates.)

Pet Policy

Although we love your animals coming to visit the farm with you, we do not allow dogs in the fruit patches.  Please be ready to leave your dogs in a shady spot.  

Please be alert for children running and playing. Drive slowly and carefully as the Farm is a "Family-Friendly" zone. Be especially cautious during Pick-Your-Own Seasons when entire families are visiting the farm.
Also, please help us keep the place neat and clean, by placing any trash in the appropriate receptacles. Thanks so much.
 Faq: Strawberries 
  • How long is strawberry season?
    We'll have strawberries for you from the 1st weekend in May until nearing the end of June. Always call ahead to the Berry Line:(540-456-4772) to find out the picking conditions for the day you are planning to come.

  • Do I need to bring my own containers when I come to pick strawberries?
    You may bring your own containers if you like. (If you do you will receive a weight discount.) But we have plenty of containers for you...

  • How do I know where to go to pick the strawberries?
    Just come by the sales house, pick up your containers, and you will be directed to the part of the 8 acre field where the berries are the most plentiful!

  • What are your hours?
    We are open Monday through Saturday. 8am-6pm.

  • Is this something kids can do?
    This is a great family activity and outing! Kids need to be supervised however. Both adults and children need to be careful not to step on the plastic and watering lines which are underneath as you are choosing your berries. Also this is a working farm so use wisdom about where you go and where you allow your children to go.

  • How do I know the best berries to pick?
    Pick berries that red all over for the best flavor.

  • What if I prefer to purchase berries that have already been picked.
    Just come by the sales house. Berries can be purchased by the flat or by the quart. A flat weighs approximately 10 lbs.

  • Do you have other produce or products for sale?
    Yes, we also purchase some produce in early spring such as tomatoes and squash that we have for sale during Strawberry Season. We purchase these products through the Farmer's Market exchange. These veggies are from states to the south of us. Thus, they can get an earlier start then we can because of the warmer weather. The farmers that we buy from grow produce the same way we do. It is for fresh market sales not commercial sales. They are of the finest quality and taste. We also have lovely hanging baskets, flowers and bedding plants.

  • Once I get my strawberries home, what is the best way to keep them fresh?
    1. Keep out of direct sunlight especially in a warm car. 2. If you plan to keep berries for more than two days they must be refrigerated. 3. Berries can be frozen or made into jam or jelly. 4. It is best to leave the stems on the berries until you are ready to use them.

Critzer Family Farm
9388 Critzer Shop Road
Afton, VA 22920
Phone: 540-456-4772
Email: critzerfamilyfarm@gmail.com

Located on Hwy. 151 in Nelson County, 1.3 miles from Rt. 250.